“In 1990, I left my Hampton’s studio to move to New Mexico. Through a chance meeting with historian Stanley Hordes, whose research focused on the Spanish Inquisition and Crypto-Jews (hidden Jews), I became aware of my connection to Judaism and to my love for the music, ceremony and people of New Mexico. I began to paint and carve that inquiry to history.”

Harriette Joffe’s carved furniture is inspired by the poetry in the biblical Song of Songs.


Song Of Songs 3 (Menorah)
Songs Of Songs 3
Carved/poly chrome — 20.5″ X 32″
Joffe/Sopper © 1993


Song Of Songs 24
Song of Songs 24
Queen Bed — Headboard and Footboard
Carved/poly chrome
Joffe/Romero © 1994


Song Of Songs 10
Song of Songs 10
Hope Chest – Cedar lined
40″ X 15.5″ X 25″H
Joffe/Romero ©1993


Garden Doors
Garden Doors
Joffe/Romero © 1994


Songs Of Songs 16
Song Of Songs 16
The Wedding Hope Chest
43.75″ X 34.5″
Front view, cedar lined
Joffe/Romero © 1994


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